The perfect mix

I often get the question: "What is your style?"
The answer to this question can perhaps best be described as 'Fusion'.

A wedding is a mix of all kinds of photography.
- Creative, I use you as a wedding couple in small photographic artworks.
- Journalism, I ensure that all those big and small moments are recorded.

- Emotion, you can really feel the emotion, love and joy of the day in my work.

I capture everything during the different moments at your wedding;
The preparations, ceremony, portraits, reception, dinner, the party and everything that happens in between and around it. Of course it is up to you what the planning of the day looks like and I am happy to be there all day to capture all the beauty for you.

Please contact me to find out if I am still available on your wedding date!


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Every wedding is different and that is why every shoot is unique. The purpose of my photography is always to tell the story of the day and to do this I use a unique style.
Of course I prefer to be there all day, because that is the only way to get a total picture of the wedding day. Take a look below to see how I visualize all details, moments and emotions.



Work method

When it comes to my workflow, I like to take a very personal approach.

I want to get to know you as a couple and find out what the story is you want to be told. I also want you to get
to know me. I have been in front of the camera myself and know how important it is to have a good connection

with the photographer, have a relaxed and open atmosphere and trust him to capture those important moments.

For all my shoots I follow steps to make sure we are always on the same page and we are all confident that we are

able to get the end result we want.


- Availability check

Especially for weddings where a date is already set it is important to make sure I will be available on the day of

the wedding. Please contact me and let me know if there is already a date set.


- Get to know each other

Once we know that I will be available, or the date is still to be determined, we can schedule an appoint to meet

each other and talk through all the details of the day. For both weddings and couple shoots I will explain in

detail on how I will approach the day and what you can expect from me. We will discuss possibilities, details of

the day and I will give some tips on how we can help each other in creating the best possible results.



For the couple shoot we will go through some details like the clothing, type of lighting (golden hour?) and most importantly, the location of the shoot. Maybe the place where you've met, the town where you lived all your lives together or a special city abroad is the perfect place to capture your bound. This is all up to you and if you are lacking some inspiration, I'm always happy to suggest some amazing locations.


For a wedding we will try to go through all the details that the day has to offer. Being married myself I know the amount of planning a good wedding requires, but even than, things will never ever go completely as planned and that is exactly what makes it so special. Being prepared as much as possible will give me the opportunity to react to these unexpected situations and still being able to capture everything that's going on during this crazy day.

During our meeting, there is a possibility for me to take a portrait of you as a couple. When you choose for me as your photographer, I will deliver this portrait far in advance so you will be able to use it on your invitations, dinner menu's or printout on the wedding day.

- Prices

Based on conversation and information provided by the both of you I will present a quote so you know what
you can expect in terms of your investment. The package you choose can be completely customized to 
specific needs and wishes.

- Confirmation

If after this conversation you both are still positive to have me as the photographer for your special day I will

make a booking confirmation and ask for a down payment of 300 euro's. Once this down payment is received

your booking is officially confirmed and we can start counting down.

- Last details

About a week in advance of the wedding I will contact you both (our your wedding planner) again to make sure
that everything that has been planned is still valid. Changes are
not problem what so ever, but I would like

to know what the changes are so I can prepare myself.

- The day of the wedding/shoot

Nothing to worry about from your side when it comes to the photography, leave all that to me. Just make sure

you enjoy your day as much as possible. Unexpected things will happen and there is no need to be prepared for

everything, eventually you will cherish these moments most.

- Delivery

Within 3 weeks of the wedding, all pictures will be fully edited and digitally made available to you. If you have also ordered a wedding album, I will be waiting for the pictures you've selected. Once I received your selection, it takes another 2 weeks to create the album.

Within The Netherlands

- On location photoshoot in The Netherlands
- 2 hours of photography

- All photographs delivered in high res

- Possibility to add an album



- Photoshoot anywhere in the world
- Complete custom package

- All photographs delivered in high res

- Possibility to add an album

Contact me for a quote



Invest in your memory and let me help you relive the most special moments in your life.

I do guarantee to deliver a minimum amount of photographs, but I will always choose quality over quantity. Meaning that I will always go the extra mile to capture that one moment, scene or emotion that matters most.
I base my prices on the time I will need to be available on location to shoot pictures from beginning to end. Preparation and travel time are all on me. 

Choose one of the packages below and keep in mind that they can all be adjusted to your own needs and requirements. 

A great way to remember your special day is the addition of an album. I offer different types of albums, from basic albums to very luxurious items that will last a lifetime. 



- 12 hours of photography

- 450+ photographs

- Professionally retouched

- All delivered in high res

- Access to online portal

- Online photo gallery



- 9 hours of photography

- 350+ photographs

- Professionally retouched

- All delivered in high res

- Access to online portal

- Online photo gallery



- 6 hours of photography

- 250+ photographs

- Professionally retouched

- All delivered in high res
- Access to online portal
- Online photo gallery



When it comes to wedding albums, I guarantee top quality! I will design the album for you and we will use the online portal where you can review and approve it. The albums are handmade and only the best materials are used. There are many choices in the types of material of the cover, size, kind of photographic paper and storage boxes.
Options are limitless. I will inform you about the options and the prices during our introductory meeting.


Limited time offer: Take advantage of a 20% discount on your wedding album! 

- Book me for a minimum of 9 hours for your wedding in 2020
- Get a 20% discount on the basic price of 1 wedding album
- Promotion valid when you book me in August 2019 for a wedding in 2020
- When purchasing multiple albums, the discount applies to the cheapest album

20-2020 Promotion! (This promotion is not live anymore)



Having some difficulty planning your wedding and can you use some advice in certain area's? Have a read

through the section below and see if you can find something useful. Also see how me and my wife arranged

our own wedding and 


The investment

Deciding your budget is one of the most important things for a wedding. For some, money is not on issues,

but for most of us it is something we need to keep in account.  The bill can go up in no time, so you really

have to figure out what has priority for you. 

This is a very personal choice and completely depends on what you as a couple find the most important factors

of the wedding. This is why I break up the wedding in certain investment pieces and leave it up to you where

you want to invest in and where you would like to cut some costs.

Tip: Don't be scared toAsk around for help from friends and family, just remember to return the favor!


What will be part of the day. A ceremony is pretty much necessary, but after that? Reception? Dinner? Party?

Which are important to you and at which scale?



You can hire a wedding planner, the main thing you gain here is stress relief. Wedding planners are very well connected with anything and anybody that is involved in the wedding business. They can really make your life easier when it comes to arranging venues, formalities, wedding invitations, photographers, etc.



Venues are often one of the biggest investments of the wedding, and for a good reason. A special venue makes the wedding day that much more special. Renting a castle of course makes for much more of a unique experience than a backyard wedding. The question you have to ask yourselves is if it is worth it for you both.

Tip: Venue prices are often cheaper from Monday till Wednesday!


Amount of guests

You want a grand scale wedding with hundreds of guests, all present during dinner and party? Or you like it more intimate and personal. Maybe only invite family for the ceremony, but invite everybody else for the party. 


Major details

Major details are the parts of the wedding that are considered as very important for most weddings. Things like the dress, wedding cake, entertainment for the party, etc.

Tips & Tricks


Minor details

Minor details are really for personalization and the experience. For example beautifully designed wedding invitations, signs which guides guests to the venue, a chest for presents, decorations, etc.
You can go as crazy as you want and in most
cases this is section where you can save some money. Anybody is able to putup some heart shaped baloons right?

Memories and long term investments

These are the investments that will last you longer than just that one special day and therefore a great part to invest in. 

Wedding dress/suit

Everybody wants to look good on their wedding day and you will see these investments back on every picture. The question is, how high are your demands when it comes to the dress and suit.

You can get a basic 3 piece suit and still look good and of course renting is always an option.


It is very common to rent an old timer car to drive from the ceremony location to the reception and party location. But also here choices are very personal, maybe you prefer taking a bicycle?

Wedding cake

As cutting the wedding cake is great tradition in many weddings, the cake is very important. 


A band will be able to deliver a unique experience and really personalize there set to your liking. Bands are in general more of an investment if you compare it to getting a DJ for the evening. 

Also keep in account the investments into lighting and sound equipment. In some cases the venue will take care of this, but be sure to check.

The rings

These will be around you for the rest of your lives, so why not invest in some beautiful high quality jewelry. Just make sure you never lose it!

Tip: Don't just focus on the famous brands for rings, you often also pay for the name of the brand.


At first sight this seems like a big investment, but once you notice that you are still looking at the same photographs 20 or 30 years later to relive this amazing day, you realize this investment is worth its while. 



The same goes for a good wedding video. Invest in your memories!

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