Event photography is as much fun as it is challenging. There is always a great vibe, but lighting conditions are often less than ideal and require a specific approach. In some cases I might be forced to use a flash, but I will always keep the experience of the guests and colleagues in account before doing so. 

It is key for me to build a relationship with the people I'm working with that evening and always keep in mind that I am not the only one there trying to do my job. Another photographer, video-grapher and co-workers like light-technicians and performing artists need to show their best as well.  Together the purpose of all of us will always be to create an amazing evening and capture it the way it should. 

Check out my portfolio, read in more detail on how I work and find out what your investment will get you below.

I can always adapt to situations that will arise in the moment, but as preparation is half the work, please check out some simple tips & tricks below which will help to create the best possible end results. Not only from my point of view, but also keeping in mind the needs of guests, colleagues and sponsors.

Having shot a lot of party's, festivals and some rather unusual events, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from these types of jobs. Conditions are never the same and that's exactly I love to work in this environment.
general my style is very low key, capturing the real vibe of the evening and emotions of the crowd. Detail shots are very important as these days pictures are not only used for a website. I keep in account that social media plays a huge part in promotional campaigns and there needs to be a wide variety of pictures that tell the story of the event.


Checkout my portfolio for events below and see if my style will fit your needs. I have experience in company party's, concerts, festivals, clubs and I'm always up for something new, like for example a Kung Fu session with Laidback Luke.



Work method

As the photographer of an event I always think about the bigger picture and what the main purpose of the

photographs will be. I realize that in a lot of cases I'm not the only person working there and if I'm not

careful, I might end up in the shots of another photographer or videographer.

Depending on the type of event, location and the demands of my clients, I will advice on a certain photography

style. Of course it will always have my signature, but in some cases a high contrast black & white simply

works better than a vibrant colorful image. 


- Availability check

Let me know when your event is scheduled and for how long you need me to be there to document it. I will

check availability on my side and will let you know if I can be present.


- Preparation

To be prepared for the event and get the maximum results I will need some information from your side

regarding the event. Based on this information I can give some advice on what would work best and what

you can expect from my side. We will go throught the following points.


Type of event and photographs

What kind of event is it? A concert, presentation, party, something else?
Also I would like to get all there is to know about the event in terms of the schedule. For example during a club night with DJ's. Who is playing at what time? Any special guests? Anything I need to be aware of?


The location is often crucial for the atmosphere, so that's why I'm always trying to include it into my shots as well. Knowing beforehand what kind of location it is I can already think of where to position myself for a great shot, possible placement of flashes, or  in case of an outside event, be prepared for the elements.




A very obvious element, but for photographers very important and not just for logistic reasons. As photography is all about availability of light and our biggest natural light source is the sun, it is important to know what time of day we are shooting in. Of course especially during an outside event it is crucial to know where the sun will be an how I can use the light to my advantage.

- Quote

Because every event is different and require a specific approach, my prices will be custom to the type of event


your are hiring me for. Factors like the location, time and other than standard delivery times of the

photographs will influence the price. Ordering an album is also a possibility Based on the information received

from you I will present a quote.


- Confirmation

If you agree to the quote I will make a booking confirmation and ask for a down payment of 15% of the total

price. Once this down payment is received your booking is officially confirmed and I will be able to be present

at the event.

- Last details and changes

About a week in advance I will check if there are any changes in anything we have discussed. If major changes

have to be made, this may reflect on the final price as well. I will always keep you informed if any changes will

influence the final investment.


- The day of the event

I will be shooting photographs in the timeframe we agreed on. If there is any preparations that need to be made,

I will make sure this is done before this timeframe so I can solely focus on taking pictures. Don't hesitate to let

me know if anything unexpected might come with which I should be aware of. Experience tells me that not

everything can be planned, I will be ready for these moments.


- Delivery

Within 2 weeks of the event, all pictures will be fully edited and digitally made available to you. This is the

standard delivery time, but can be customized completely to your needs.


Albums & Prints


The quote I will present will be completely custom to the event you are hiring me for and is determent by the following factors:
- Type of event

- Location

- Duration
- Speed of delivery

- Optional album addition

- Additional special requests


When it comes to wedding albums, I guarantee top quality! I will design the album for you and we will use the online portal where you can review and approve it. The albums are handmade and only the best materials are used. There are many choices in the types of material of the cover, size, kind of photographic paper and storage boxes. Options are limitless. I will inform you about the options and the prices during our introductory meeting.

It is also possible to have your images printed. Multiple printing techniques are possible. Let me know your requirements and I can advise about the possibilities.

Tips and Tricks

Shooting an event is not just a matter of showing who is performing. The complete story is much more than that. Crowd, details, branding, effects and behind the scenes can be just as much part of the evening. During events it's in some cases impossible for me to add much artificial lighting and for branding shots, a barkeeper lining up a massive amounts of shots is a lot more interesting than just getting an image of a bottle of the specific sponsor. Below a few pointers on how to help each other in getting awesome results



Lighting and effects

Crazy lighting and special effects like smoke, fire or foam helps in multiple ways. It will look

great on pictures and it will drive a crowd wild, which again turns into great images of the crowd.

Of course budget always needs to be kept in mind, but there are budget solutions which can

already help. Look at the shots of the Mixmash label night at ADE 2017. The light ADE light

cube and the DJ set give out some great light from themselves already, which really helps in getting

those vibrant photographs.


Branding and sponsors

Make sure your brand is well represented at your event, a branded object that gives out light will always catch attention (like the ADE lightcube) and objects like posters or crewmembers with your brand on a t-shirt will be eye catchers. I will definitely use it to make sure that people know by who this event was organized.

The same goes for branding of sponsors. If there is a liquor brand providing drinks that evening, make sure there will be something special going on which is worth showing on photographs.

Tell me all about the brands that need to be represented in the photographs, I will make sure they will be captured and can be used for promotional purposes.


Have some VIP's joining the event? Let me know who I should pay attention to and I will make sure to

show that they were present at your event. Especially on social media now a days it is important to show

that today's influencers want to come to your event.


If there is any particular style you want me to create, let me know. Only black & white is definitely 

an option (look at FRNT in the portfolio section), but let me know in advance so I can make sure

to search for scenes with a lot of contrast.


Do you have crew members on the floor? Make sure they will be part of the event and keep it alive.

Nothing looks worse on photographs than a crowd that is standing still and staring at their phones.

Make sure they will be there to hype up the crowd and actively participate in the event.

Still have some questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!

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