For businesses I focus on interior and (promotional) portraits. It is important to show your clients your workspace so they can get an impression of the business. These days it is also important to show your employees and give a personal style to the impression you want to give to clients. Most common use for this is promotional purposes, like a website, social media or a business card.

I will make sure that your first impression will last with your future clients by giving a very high standard when it comes to style and photography.
See what I have done for other company's and individuals, and some more information regarding how I work and your investment, please see below.

To get the best results within the time we have, planning and preparation is very important. I have dealt with tight deadlines before and know one or two things about how to plan an on-location or interior photo-shoot. Check out some pointers below which can make both our lives easier.

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As a company, standing out from the crowd is very important to show which unique product or service you bring to your clients. First impressions are key and photographs can really help to give your clients a first impression that lasts and puts you or your company on the map.



The complete picture, that's what it's all about with a company profile. Make it personal and not only show the interior of your office but also the people who work there and the details that make the workplace what it is. I like working with small to medium-sized companies, or departments of larger companies. I find a personal approach very important and this is reflected in my work. I take great care of making sure my clients get the images the need to stand out from the crowd and bring across their message to their clients.


I distinguish 3 specific types of photography; interior, portraits and details. The combination of those 3 makes a series of photos that perfectly reflects what your company is all about.

Work method


What does your business represent and how would you like to persuade your potential client to choose your

service or product? I can help you answer this question and advice on which steps to take to get the result you

want. Have a look at my workflow and contact me if you would like to work together.

- Availability check

As these type of jobs are often not bound to a specific date, in most cases we can figure out a date on when to

do the photo-shoot. Let me know your preferred time and date and I will let you know if I am available.

- Get to know each other

Because these types of assignments require a lot of planning I will have to go through a few details and explain

the possibilities. I prefer doing this on location. If there is an interior shoot involved I can already see the

situation and advice on the best timing and types of shots.
We will talk about what kind of photo's you are looking for and the purpose they will finally have. Important

factors to think about are the aspect ratio, location, time, style, number of photographs:

Aspect ratio

Standard aspect ratio is 3:2, and you have the choice of a vertical or horizontal shot. It's best to first determine where the content will be used and based on that, decide if the image needs to be cropped for the specific medium. For a website you might need some vertical or ultra wide shots, while if you want to use the photograph as a digital album cover, a square crop might be needed.



The location is crucial as it is often part of the image. When doing an outdoor shoot, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case the weather is not as ideal as expected.



The time of day is very important when natural light is used in the shots. If your prefer the 'golden hour' look, we will need to shoot around dusk or dawn and be lucky that there aren't too many clouds. Even when shooting indoor, I will be considering where light comes into the windows and think of how I can use this to my advantage.



I can go in very different directions when it comes to the look of the pictures. I can advice you in what would work and what wouldn't, or you leave everything up to me and I'll take care of it.


Number of photographs

Because post-production is very time-consuming with these kinds of images, we will need to set a guideline on how many photographs are needed.

- Quote

Because every type of assignment will have its own specific needs, I will make a custom quote based on the

information discussed during our first meeting. Also the addition of an album might be added to the investment.


- Confirmation

If you agree to the quote I will make a booking confirmation and ask for a down payment of 15% of the total

price. Once this down payment is received your booking is officially confirmed and I will be able to be present

at the event.


- Last details

About a week in advance I will check if there are any changes in anything we have discussed. If major changes

have to be made, this may reflect on the final price as well. I will always keep you informed if any changes will

influence the final investment.


- The day of the shoot

We will follow the plan as discussed for the day of the shoot. If any preparations need to be made from my side,

I will make sure to be on location earlier to do so. Main focus of the day will be getting the shots we need done

as we need them to. We will only be done once everybody is happy with the results.


- Delivery

As these types of images are very labor intensive, my standard delivery time is for all photographs to be delivered

withing 4 weeks after the day of the shoot. If needed, photographes can delivered earlier.

Albums & Prints

The quote I present to you will be determined by the different factors we discussed. Based on the plan we have set up you can expect a quote based on the following points:

- Location

- Duration

- Number of photographs

- Post production requirements (Cropping, Style, type of photograph)

- Optional album addition

- Additional special requests


When it comes to wedding albums, I guarantee top quality! I will design the album for you and we will use the online portal where you can review and approve it. The albums are handmade and only the best materials are used. There are many choices in the types of material of the cover, size, kind of photographic paper and storage boxes. Options are limitless. I will inform you about the options and the prices during our introductory meeting.

It is also possible to have your images printed. Multiple printing techniques are possible. Let me know your requirements and I can advise about the possibilities.


Tips and Tricks



For portraits it is important to plan when people will actually be available for the shoot. It is common sense that this is in the planning, but also make backup plans for when things are actually not going as planned. People might be late for whatever reason and having a backup plan always helps dealing with these kinds of situations.

For interior shots it's often not on issue, we just need to make sure we can actually get into the building at the time we want to do the shoot.

Build up time

This is not really on issue when only working with natural light. When dealing with artificial light, it definitely is a factor that needs to be planned in. I will need time to setup flashes and do some testing before the actual shoot can happen. How much time I need in total depends on the requirements of the shoot, this can all be discussed. 

Travel time

Very important when shooting on multiple locations in one day. Traffic can be hell in the big city and you need to give yourself enough time to get from one location to another.

Time of day

Very important when shooting outdoors in natural light or even when doing an interior shoot. Light coming in from a window can dramatically change the style of a photograph. When shooting at golden hour, obviously there is not much time at all. I've had situation that we we're already delayed by unexpected changes and it turned out we only had 5 minutes before the sun went down. Planning helps prevent situations like this.


Make sure the subjects of the day will look the way you want to.


Make sure the scene is clean and tidy. In terms of lighting I can advise on turning

some of the available lighting on or off, depending on the mood we would like to



Make sure the people look good, get a haircut the day before, Also ask the men to

do a clean shave the same day. This seems like obvious thing the people will think of

them selves, but my experience teaches me otherwise.

During the shoot

Because everything is pre-planned we know how to respond to unexpected situations. We will be prepared for any kind of delay, weather change or any other possible unexpected change that might happen.

A few things you might want to consider with on-location portraits:


Appoint a coordinator

I will be mainly focusing on the photographs themselves, trying to get the best possible composition, great looking people and. So when dealing with large groups of people and a lot of different type of portraits, it is good to have somebody who knows which pictures needs to be taken and keeps track of everything that is done and still needs to be done. This person will be my main contact person and can also help with following the planning of the day.


Hire a make-up artist

A professional make-up artist will make sure everybody looks at its best. Her or she knows what kind of make-up works for photographs and will help in reducing the time I have to spend on post-processing, which again reflects back on the investment.



Still have some questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!

Having done a lot of assignments for businesses, I'm able to share some of my experience and

knowledge which can help us to plan our project better.


Together we can decide on the style we will be going for. I often advice to add something

that gives a personal touch  to the images. In a lot of cases a portrait at the actual workplace

will work really well, showing both the person itself and the environment they work in and

possibly receive clients as well. 
But it doesn't have to be this obvious, it could be as simple as the person wearing a jacket with

the company logo, the company logo added in the background or even later on in the

post-production process. Tell me your wishes and I will advice on how to make them reality.


Setting up a timeline and plan all the locations where we are going shoot is a great way to know

where bottlenecks might occur or when you have some time to spare. Important things to keep

in mind:

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