About me

This is me: Husband, drummer, mountain biker, music listener, gamer, athlete, traveler, creative, bon vivant, food lover, animal lover, resident of Haarlem, but above all a passionate photographer.

I started a long time ago as the permanent photographer for a fashion blog and thanks to all my experiences in the field I have built a love for photography on location.


Having to improvise on location keeps me sharp and ensures that my creativity is really put to the test. I always try to capture something unique by approaching photography as a form of art and to involve the environment in the subject.


My style is generally journalistic, creative and above all 'invisible', to ensure that I take the right beautiful moments without being a disturbing factor. I will register where necessary to achieve the best possible result. Do you still read my story with interest and does my style appeal to you? Please contact me and let's create some awesome content together

Enough about me, tell me about you! Share your ideas, interests, dreams, ambitions, vision and goals and let me know how I can help you achieve them.

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